TJA Code of Ethics

The Trans Journalists Association is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, age, appearance, or religion. We affirm the rights, dignity, autonomy, and humanity of transgender, nonbinary, and gender-expansive people, including their freedom to participate fully in public life. We also require that all of our members, transgender or cisgender, do so as well.

Some spaces are reserved for our trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive members. In these spaces, we welcome all journalists who self-identify as such, regardless of their path to transition or decision to disclose their status to the public. 

TJA supports the discussion of different experiences, opinions, and viewpoints with good faith and mutual respect. Discriminatory or abusive behavior and harassment are not permitted.

TJA may take any action it deems appropriate to deal with those who violate these principles, including exclusion from our events, Slack communities, listservs, and the organization itself.

These principles apply to all events and meetings that TJA holds, including virtual spaces moderated by the organization. Members agree to follow these principles throughout all communications related to the events, meetings, and virtual spaces.

How to report a complaint

You can file a complaint using our online form. This form is sent automatically to the TJA board, which has discretion to handle all Code of Ethics complaints and reports.

Please note that we cannot follow up on anonymous reports, so all reports must include some form of contact information.

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