Directory FAQs

Privacy FAQs

What directories do you offer?

We'll keep that information up-to-date on the directories home page.

Who can see my information if it's listed in the directories?

It depends on the directory. Some directories, like the freelancers directory, are visible only to hiring managers who have requested access, then been reviewed and approved by the TJA. Other directories are accessible to all TJA members.

Is my information visible outside of the directories?

If you opt in to a directory, some of your personal profile information will be visible to logged-in members of this site. However, a link to your profile information is only listed in directories, or attached to your name if you comment on any blog posts.

What information shows up in the directories?

Most member fields remain private unless you change your privacy settings to show them. You can view your own directory profile under the "My directory profile" tab at the top of your membership profile.

If you do opt in to a directory, the following information will be visible to logged-in members:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Affiliation
  • Country
  • Pronouns
  • Job title
  • Member bio
  • Portfolio URL
  • Describe any beats or focus areas related to your work
  • Describe the subsection of journalism that you work in
  • Describe the type of freelance work you do
  • Directory contact info

You can change any of these items to "private" at any time by modifying your privacy settings in your profile. You can also choose not to provide some information.

I thought I was supposed to be in a directory, but my information isn't showing up.

Make sure that you have not set your member profile privacy to "private." Your personal privacy settings override the site privacy settings. Your profile will only be visible in the directories if you select "viewable to members" as your privacy setting. (Do not select "viewable to the public.")

If you still have trouble, reach out to

Access FAQs

I selected "do not add me to the freelancer directory" when I filled out my TJA application form, but now I'm freelancing. How do I get added to the freelancer directory?

Email to let us know you'd like to be added to a directory, and note which one. Please check that your member profile is up-to-date first. The information in your member profile is what will be visible to directory viewers.

How do I request access to view a directory as a hiring manager or a PR professional?

There are three ways to request directory access: 

  • When you sign up as a TJA member, add a request to the directory and note your use for it on your membership form. Please note that your user account must be associated with an organizational email address, or we must be able to independently verify that your organizational email and your personal email are tied.
  • After you have signed up as a TJA member, if you later become a hiring manager, you can request access to the directory via the links to Airtable forms on your user dashboard.
  • If you do not want to become a TJA member, you can request access to some directories through our directory-only access request form. This requires you to create an account on our site but does not confer TJA membership or its benefits.

What if I just want to post a job, and I don't need directory access?

If you are looking to post a job or reach our membership with a professional opportunity, you can also sign up for an account on our jobs board (for paid, public-facing listings and email blasts to all members who have opted in) or directly email our jobs listserv at (for free listings that reach a smaller number of our members).

Content FAQs

What do the directories look like?

Here's an example view of the Freelancers Directory:

screenshot of a table that contains name, pronouns, contact info, portfolio, skills, and freelance areas

And here's an example view of the PR Directory:

screenshot of a table that contains name, pronouns, contact info, portfolio, organizational affiliation, beats, and journalistic mediums

What will my user profile look like to others if they access it from a directory?

Here is the profile information that becomes visible if you opt in to any directories:

very large screenshot of a member profile that displays the information noted in the bullet points above

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