Not sure which membership describes you, or want to learn more about the benefits of TJA membership? Check out our membership FAQs and our benefits explainer. You can also toggle below for details on each membership type. You'll have the option to donate directly (not tax-deductible) or donate through our fiscal sponsor (tax-deductible) at the end of the form. These contributions support the TJA's general operating budget, which includes this website's fees, legal/accounting and other administration, as well as our programs. If you prefer to donate to a specific program, you can do that through our fiscal sponsor.

Are you a trans journalist who doesn't want to join the TJA, but is seeking community in the industry? We maintain a Slack space for trans media workers. Request access through Airtable.

Journalist membership 

[Free — $50/year or $5/month donation recommended]
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This membership is for people who work as journalists, whether that’s full-time, part-time, or independent/freelance. 

We define this broadly: if your work contributes to the creation of news and media products for an editorially independent publication, this membership tier is for you — even if you do not write or report stories directly.

This tier includes people who work within the journalism industry in any capacity (including editorial, business, product, journalism education, etc). People whose work directly supports journalism are also included (e.g. you develop an online tool like Datawrapper that is commonly used by journalists, you are a First Amendment lawyer, or you work for another journalism affinity organization).

There’s one big exception: If you hold any paid position that involves sending press releases on trans topics to journalists, sending other PR communications on trans topics to solicit coverage from publications, or overseeing people who do, please apply only for the community membership tier. That applies whether you’re engaged in that work full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer.

Student membership 

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Student membership is open to anyone who aspires to work as a journalist and is attending college, university, or another educational training program. 

If you are a degree-seeking student, your declared course of study does not have to be in journalism.

Community membership

[Free — $100/year or $10/month donation recommended]
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If you don’t fit into the above types of membership, you can still join us as a supporting community member. 

This type of membership is intended to support those who are interested in following our work closely, considering working in journalism, or developing journalism skills to support other work.

Community membership is open to anyone who has a strong personal interest in the coverage of trans issues and upholds the TJA’s mission. This includes former journalists as well as those who work in public or media relations, public information, policy, legal, and so on.

Community members are not eligible for any journalists-only online spaces.

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